(Not to be confused with Al)

I’m AJ, a weird al obsessed individual that apparently has nothing better to do than to make this website… 

who are you?

You can learn more about me from my website. I have some links on there if you want to follow me elsewhere :-)

Favorite Weird Al song? 

It’s a tie between Syndicated Inc, Yoda, Airline Amy, It’s All About The Pentiums, Skipper Dan, My Baby’s In Love With Eddie Vedder, and Frank’s 2000” TV. 

Favorite Weird Al Album? 

it changes constantly but right now it’s Off The Deep End, Bad Hair Day or Running With Scissors 

Favorite Weird Al Music Video? 

Pentiums, Dare To Be Stupid, or White & Nerdy

What year did you become a Weird Al Fan and how?

I knew about him sorta when I was a kid, but I became a big fan in 2018 while I had a hyperfixation on Weird Paul Petroskey. Now all I do is eat, sleep, breathe, weird Al, repeat. 

when did you see him in concert and what tour? 

July 13, 2019 - Strings Attached Tour 

why al? 

why a fansite? 

I have always loved websites from the 90s and early 2000s, plus I need something to distract myself from my wretched and meaningless existence haha

people have actually asked this, and have asked this ALOT. I would go into detail but I won’t bore you. Here’s a short answer : I really admire his kindness and generosity, and I think he’s hilarious. 

Do you actually know every single weird Al song?

Yes and no. I know every song released on an album or as a single and i can name them all off. I know alot of demos and alot of songs he did for movies/tv, but I don’t think I could possibly know EVERY Al song since some are lost to time and not archived anywhere on the internet. 


where can I follow or learn more about you? 

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