Who is he?

the king of polka, obviously! If you want the basics of who he is and/or a more in depth explanation of his life, you can look at it here (Wikipedia) or here (his website).

Have any artists ever turned Al down for a parody?

Most artists have allowed him to parody their songs, but a select few have denied him access. Some, like Prince for example, had flat out banned him from parodying any song of theirs. While others like Paul McCartney only refused an idea. Paul denied Al From Making “Chicken Pot Pie” because he is a strict vegetarian (even though Al is one himself). 

Eminem allowed him to parody the song “Lose Yourself”, but asked him to not make a music video since the song was important to him. Artists weren’t the only ones making decisions though, as sometimes he ran into problems with the record label. As is the case with James Blunt, who loved Al’s idea and wanted him to make the parody, but his record label pulled the plug, not wanting Al’s version to “overshadow” the original. 

Does Al only do parodies? 

No. About half of the songs on a Weird Al album are original. Most of his songs can be broken down into a few categories, which are :

1. Parodies 

2. Complete Originals 

3. Style Parodies (songs that are original but are based off a certain style. Ex : Franks 2000” TV is a parody of REM’s style, but not of any particular song)

4. Polka Medleys 

On YouTube (or LimeWire) I heard some really offensive/disgusting song that was by Weird Al, but I could never find it on one of his albums… what’s the deal with that? 

Is Al related to the other famous accordion player, Frankie Yankovic?

Lots of songs are miss-attributed to being Al’s because of the rise of illegal downloading in the early 2000s. There are lists of his actual songs out there, it’s pretty easy to fact check nowadays.

No, Although they did meet. 

Is this website affiliated with Al in any way? 

Al would want you to believe that it is, but it’s not. It’s supposed to be his parody on bio-pics 

Is “Weird : The Al Yankovic Story” True?


Is Al going to release any more albums? 

Al has said that he will not be releasing any more studio albums, the reason being that he can’t keep up with the fast moving trends of todays time. He said he would (and has) released singles. He has also done a lot of music for movies and tv shows.  

Is Al in “My Little Pony”? 

Yes! He played a pony named Cheese Sandwich. And yes, before you ask, he is canonically married and has a child with Pinkie Pie. 

Does Al Still Tour / Perform Live?

Yes. He has just recently finished his tour though, so we will have to wait and see what he does next. 

How can I keep up with Al?

Social media, or sign up for his mailing list here

Can I send him my song ideas?

Sorry, he doesn’t take song ideas. But you should follow in his footsteps and record them yourself! 

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